5 Keyboards That Make Programming More Pleasant

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5 Keyboards That Make Programming More Pleasant

1 – WASD Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard from WASD is not like any typical programming keyboards out there. It’s all black and doesn’t come with any special engravings. There’s not even a logo on the front, which is what you would normally see on other keyboards for programming.

What’s great about this WASD Keyboards CODE is that the keycaps offer a smooth feeling with high-quality labels. When using this keyboard for the first time, what will really catch your attention is that the Window keys don’t have any labels.

This keyboard includes a 1.8m (70.8in) Micro USB cable with a cable tie that allows you to route the cable on any way that you prefer. But the cable isn’t braided, which might be a factor for perfectionist programmers out there. Another thing that you’ll easily recognize when using this keyboard is the LED backlighting that has 7 different levels.

You’ll have different options to choose from when buying the WASD Keyboard CODE. You can opt for Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches, Full Size or Tenkeyless. Furthermore, this keyboard can be used for Mac computers through the DIP switches. You can disable or enable the OS keys and change the keyboard’s function to Mac mode from the QWERTY mode. This product includes a user manual that can serve as your guide.


All keycaps have sharp labels
Can be used for both Mac and PC computers
Great cable routing features
Includes Backlighting with 7 varying levels
Robust build


A bit expensive
The USB cable isn’t braided

2 – Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g Keyboard

The Realforce 87U is available in black color, which is somewhat grayish and has a sturdy built. Its keycaps are made of PBT or Polybutylene terephthalate, a high-quality material that’s known for being durable. Meanwhile, the spacebar is made of ABS.

All keys are quite rough and can definitely withstand daily use. Keycaps that are made of PBT are three times more durable than the normal ABS keycaps. Therefore, if you prefer a keyboard that will last longer, the Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g is definitely what you need.

The characters on the keys are printed in a dark grayish color, which might be a bit difficult to see when there’s low light. But there are two keys with different colors. For instance, the escape key has red characters in it while the Window keys feature a plastic logo of Windows. Furthermore, the space bar is placed in an angle that points towards you.

This keyboard’s USB cord is not detachable. It’s placed right at the top left-hand corner. Considered as the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard in the market, the switches of this keyboard offer the best feel possible. Typing on this keyboard is smooth and satisfying although it has the tendency to produce clicky noise whenever you press a key. Yet, the noise is pretty acceptable.


Great for typing
Made from premium quality materials
Topre switches


A bit expensive
The USB cable is not detachable

3 – Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Keyboard

Filco is one of the best mechanical keyboard brands right now. Each of the products that the brand releases comes with their own unique characteristics. This Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 is one of their most popular keyboards for programming. It features front printing keycaps and offers the look of an almost blank keycap keyboard.

This is beneficial for programmers since most are considered precision typists, which means that they can easily memorize the locations of all the keys in the keyboard. Thus, the labels that are above the keycaps will not really serve any purpose for them. Furthermore, the front printing labels help to prevent any issues like fading labels.

A lot of programmers truly appreciate the Filco Ninja Majestouch’s overall build quality. It’s no doubt one of the best mechanical keyboards in the market in terms of quality. Its overall body is quite sturdy with a little rough surface and sleek keycaps. This keyboard from Filco only comes with 3 backlit keys – Num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock. But it’s not like programmers need the backlight when using the keys.

The overall length of the cable is at 1.5 m or around 4.9 feet. That should be more than enough for all your needs. Furthermore, the Tenkeyless version of this keyboard weighs around 2.2 pounds while the full-size version weighs 2.7 pounds. Thus, if you want to be able to easily move around when using the keyboard, the Tenkeyless version would be a much better option.


Available in multiple options
Excellent feedback when it comes to the key press
High-quality build for both keycaps and body
NKRO accepts all kinds of key press
There are front printing labels on the keys


The packaging is not that impressive

4 – CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Mechanical Keyboard

The CM Storm is another popular brand and is also among the best mechanical keyboard brands in the market right now. Their QuickFire Rapid keyboard offers lots of options for the users and is available in Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Green, Cherry MX Blue, and Cherry MX Brown.

Just like with the other keyboards on this list, this particular keyboard doesn’t really come with all the bells and whistles. Instead, it offers a clean and simple design but with pretty good execution.

The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid also comes with the NKRO via PS/2 cable but the USB is only supporting 6 KRO. Furthermore, it includes a braided USB cable that’s removable and has a cable routing as well. Thus, you’d be able to easily route its cable to any direction that you prefer.


Comes in various options for the user
Features a simple and clean design
Cheaper compared to other popular mechanical keyboards
NKRO via PS/2


Keycaps are unattractive

5 – Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

For programmers who tend to strain and injure their wrist when typing, the Kinesis Advantage2 might be a great keyboard to try. Considered as the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard in the market, this keyboard features a unique design incorporating various techniques that can help the user to comfortably type on the keyboard even for a much longer time.

The keys of this keyboard have been divided into two and are positioned in a slight contour on both sides of the keyboard. This design definitely makes typing in this keyboard so much more comfortable.

Plus, it increases your thumb’s functionality, thanks to the two thumb clusters that it comes with. On the left cluster is the Alt, Delete, and Backspace buttons while the right cluster has the CTRL, Space, and Enter buttons.

Users say that typing on this keyboard is so comfortable that you can keep typing in it for the whole day without straining your fingers or wrists. Furthermore, the keyboard’s split design feature means your hands can stretch straight from your shoulder instead of typing in the usual V position.

This allows for a more comfortable typing experience. Many users are also impressed with the responsiveness of the keys of the Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard.


Can support various keyboard layouts
Features excellent ergonomic design
Offers excellent key response
Onboard key remapping


The learning curve is steep