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Machine Learning Course

To be a part of the changing trends, one should be aware of the core concepts and the latest advancements, including aspects of Supervised, Unsupervised and the very latest and riveting field of Deep Learning.

Computer Science Fundamentals

What is the theory behind the way computers store and manipulate data? In this course, we will go over binary mathematics, algorithm analysis, data structures, and sorting algorithms.

Python Basics

This course is for beginner developers who are interested in learning the Python language. If you haven’t coded before, Python is a great first language to learn because it is a powerful high-level programming language with an elegant syntax.


One of the trendiest latest programming languages, TypeScript is designed and maintained by Microsoft.


One of the most used programming languages in the industry, Perl has lost its share of glory for decades now.


You can find Scala in almost any list of modern-day best programming languages, thanks to its innovative approach to combining both the object-oriented and functional programming paradigm.

Small Tips to Learn Coding Faster

Start with JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It’s the standard language of the web platform, and it’s very commonly used to code mobile apps, too.

Score a quick win right now

Confidence holds coding students back more than anything else. Get a boost by starting with something easy.

The best way to learn how to code is to code.

Lots of students start by reading books. It’s OK to go that route — that’s how you learn to code when you are just getting started.

Terrell Forrest,
Co-Founder of Maxpolk Coding